Today is my first day as an adult

Dear world,

This is my final letter to you before I become a grownup. I decided to leave my childhood away in the attempt to become a serious person, according to my biological age. I liked a lot to play the child’s role, to receive the last piece of cake, to have the largest slice of pizza, to be allowed to use the swing and so on. My friends always protected me, they never hurt me and they never used nasty words around me. Not even my family, well known for their vulgarity, not even they couldn’t speak like a real adult in front of me. 

So I enjoyed that for a long time, without even bother to change this soft and comfortable role. It’s like giving up to your umbrella when it’s raining. You don’t do that at all. It’s too dangerous first of all for your look and secondly for your health. And I know this more than anyone else. I admit that I am still enjoying cartoons and dots on my outfits, but I pretend that I don’t in order to make the other people admire my adulthood side. Which, by the way, doesn’t exist for me. I tried for a really long time to plan for myself a new set of rules to follow and to accede in this universe, full of responsibilities, but I failed every time, tragically.

With this letter, I only break up with you, childhood. I don’t plan anything for the future. I would like to know that something good expects me next corner, that this great life is trying its best to surprise me in a good way. And I will be grateful to you all if any of my dreams will come true. Meantime, I will be busy to get rid of a burden from my heart (I don’t know for sure if this expression applies in English too, but you get the point, right?).

As you can see, this exercise of mine keeps you in touch with my daily events. You should thank me because I am not the kind of girl who talks only about boys and dramatic relationships, broken hearts and pathetically sweet declarations. I am the kind of girl who talks about stupid, weird or maybe funny situations. Is that making me an adult? I better hope so, you shouldn’t disappoint me.

I end this letter hopping my plan will succeed, with no victims, no heart broken or ruined friendships. When you will see me next time, please ask me how was I going, if there were any improvements. And don’t forget to congratulate me for this really big effort. I deserve a few sweet words, not too sugary please. Those are not on the list. Please keep that in mind and see you tomorrow, with another story.

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Unknown spunea...

Frumos, dar trist. Articolul tau imi aduce aminte ca totul este efemer si ca nu putem pastra ceea ce e frumos, oricat de mult ne-am stradui.

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